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Great Talks from Experienced Remote Workers

Brenna Loury

Brenna Loury

Mariano Korman

Mariano Korman

Sarah James

Sarah James

Laurel Farrer

Laurel Farrer


Christopher Pecoraro

Christopher John Pecoraro is an experienced web application developer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania currently living in Palermo, Italy. A conference speaker and organizer, open source contributor, and author of Mastering Laravel, he founded the Palermo PHP User Group and Italian Remote Workers Group and the historic first two Italian Remote Working Conferences. His research work includes biomedical informatics and machine translation, and is a coauthor of several peer-reviewed publications.

Rohan Anthony Smith

Rohan Smith is a Jamaican born software developer living in Trinidad & Tobago. He is an entrepreneur at heart and founder of the Remote Software Developer Community where he helps software developers make the transition to remote work. He is a remote software developer who works on interesting and innovative projects using Drupal and open source software. He is a remote work enthusiast and he's always ready to advocate its benefits.

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